All tours include basic riding instruction, helmet and your professional, English-speaking guide. Free pickup and drop off is available at your accommodation or any location in Goreme, if needed. Transport to/from other towns can be arranged for an extra charge.

Daily Tours

  • 1 Hour Tour – If you are short on time, don’t worry! Even with only an hour, our location in Gorkundere Valley allows you to take a quick ride through some of the most beautiful landscape in the world. Our one hour tour will take you through valleys such as Gorkundere, Zemi and Swords Valleys. Suitable for riders of all levels. 20 Euro per person.

  • 2 Hour Tour & Sunset Tour – Our most popular option, suitable for riders of all experience levels. (Yes, even complete beginners!) Two hours is enough time for us to go even further, often as far as Red and Rose Valleys or to the beautiful old village of Cavusin. This tour can be customized to fit your itinerary, but popular times include morning, mid-day and just before sunset. 40 Euro per person.

  • 4 Hour Tour (Half-day Tour) – Recommended for riders with some prior experience, this tour gives you more time to explore. With four hours, we are able to reach sites such as Pasabag, Zelve or the famous Love Valley. Rest stops of approximately 15 minutes per hour are taken to allow you ample time for photos and to enjoy the scenery. 80 Euro per person.

  • 8 Hour Tour (Full-day Tour) – This tour is available with a stop for lunch (at your own expense) or you are welcome to pack your own refreshments. A full day is best for riders with prior experience who are comfortable with hours in the saddle. 130 Euro per person.

A note on discounts... We keep our tours small in order to focus on your safety and a quality overall customer experience, with us you will not be placed in a large group. We are not likely not the cheapest horse riding tour offered in Cappadocia, nor are we the largest ranch, but we hope you understand that our prices have been set in order to help us to earn a living while providing you the best possible ride. We now offer a 15% discount for returning guests! Check our reviews on TripAdvisor to see photos and comments from previous guests about their experience with our small group tours.

Special Tours

  • Full Moon Tour - For a period of 2-3 days before and after the full moon during the summer, the valleys are lit with enough moonlight from to allow us to take you out to see Goreme after dark! This 2 hour tour will include a stop in the valley for a campfire and a traditional cup of cay or glass of wine. 50 Euro per person.

  • Sunrise / Hot Air Balloon Watching Tour – This 3 hour tour gives us enough time to climb to a lookout with fantastic views of the sunrise in Goreme, when hundreds of hot air balloons take flight over the surreal landscape of Goreme National Park. Recommended for riders with some experience, although the path can be altered for beginners as well. 65 Euro for experienced riders and 100 Euro for beginners per person.


  • Ride on a horse-drawn cart - Horses have been used in Cappadocia for transportation for centuries - let us give you a ride! For example, let us drop you off at the entrance to the Goreme Open Air Museum or at the start of the trail head for Rose Valley. It's better than a taxi since you'll have a guide to answer your questions or point out the sights along the way. Quick trips start at just 10 TL per person.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page for the ones that we get most often and contact us to reserve your tour today!